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52nd MSHSAA Speech & Debate Championships

52nd MSHSAA Speech & Debate Championships

April 25-26, 2003

University of Missouri-Columbia


Cross-Examination Debate

1.     Sam Hodge and Ryan Israel, Blue Springs South

2.     Michael Ashby and George Olive, Central (Springfield)

3.     Doug Hill and Luke Landry, Nixa

        Jonathan Webber and Isaiah Taylor, Hickman

5.     Sara Archer and Colleen Montgomery, Park Hill South

        Laura Brunts and Amod Gautam, Ladue Horton Watkins

        Ryan Carpenter and Patrick Verstraete, North Kansas City

        Joseph Lammers and Shawn MacDonald, Lee’s Summit

By Round:  Quarterfinals -- Blue Springs South def. Ladue Horton Watkins;  Nixa def. Lee’s Summit;  Central (Springfield) def. North Kansas City;  Hickman def. Park Hill South;  Semifinals -- Blue Springs South def. Nixa;  Central (Springfield) def. Hickman;  Finals -- Blue Springs South def. Central (Springfield), 3-0.


Dramatic Interpretation

1.     Mike Wooley, Park Hill

2.     Akela Marsh, Jefferson City

3.     Jenny Guthrie, Neosho

4.     Erika Cockerham, Parkway West

5.     Lindsay Allan, Park Hill South

6.     Dominique Holloway, Reeds Spring

7.     Larry Peebles, Odessa

8.     Rebecca Salenuic, Union


Duet Acting

1.     Emily Wales and Jared Wortman, Warrensburg

2.     Christina Ivers and Joshua Minnis, Raymore-Peculiar

3.     Jenny Guthrie and Amy Moore, Neosho

4.     Lizz Jenkins and Steven Verlee, Parkview

5.     Jered Boeving, Steven Pierce, Poplar Bluff

6.     Colleen Montgomery and Daniel Strang, Park Hill South

7.     Whitney LaMora and Chris Notestine, Francis Howell North

8.     Ryan Hall and Christy Meyer, Camdenton


Extemporaneous Speaking

1.     Paige Hendrix, Neosho

2.     Sean Smith, Ladue Horton Watkins

3.     Ryan Israel, Blue Springs South

4.     Danielle Imhoff, Parkview

5.     Andrew Green, Oak Park

6.     Jeremy Bayless, DeSmet

7.     Michael Headley, Raytown

8.     Bryce Wagner, Lathrop


Humorous Interpretation

1.     Christopher Taylor, Neosho

2.     Brandy Enver, Hillcrest

3.     Brian Pfister, Alton

4.     Heather Searls, Raymore-Peculiar

5.     Chase Johnson, Raytown South

6.     Janell Banks, Grandview

7.     Adam Goldstein, McDonald County

8.     Brad Jennings, Oak Park


Lincoln-Douglas Debate

1.     Karl Hardy, Pattonville

2.     Jamie Smith, Kickapoo

3.     April Brown, Parkview

        Ronni Sadovsky, Ladue Horton Watkins

5.     Samantha Boudria, Jefferson City

        Carly Crocker, Central (Springfield)

        Samatha Holley, Jefferson City

        Stasek Levchinsky, Parkway West

By Round:  Quarterfinals -- Brown, Parkview def. Holley, Jefferson City;  Hardy, Pattonville def. Levchinsky, Parkway West;  Sadovsky, Ladue Horton Watkins def. Crocker, Central (Springfield);  Smith, Kickapoo def. Boudria, Jefferson City;  Semifinals -- Hardy, Pattonville def. Brown, Parkview;  Smith, Kickapoo def. Sadvosky, Ladue Horton Watkins;  Finals -- Hardy, Pattonville def. Smith, Kickapoo, 2-1.


One-Act Play

1.     Nixa

2.     Excelsior Springs


Original Oratory

1.     Jerry Schultz, DeSmet

2.     Nishita Trisal, Marquette

3.     Feng Su, Central (Springfield)

4.     Danielle Bartlett, Liberty

5.     Emily Wales, Warrensburg

6.     Rachael Cross, William Chrisman

7.     Shi-Shi Wang, Hickman

8.     Katie Roth, St. Pius X (Kansas City)


Poetry Reading

1.     Nishita Trisal, Marquette

2.     Matt Leonard, Truman

3.     Alona Sistrunk, Jennings

4.     Lindsay Allan, Park Hill South

5.     Lucas Grabeel, Kickapoo

6.     Adam Sharples, Liberty

7.     Scott Shipman, Blue Springs South

8.     Michelle Linke, Warren County


Prose Reading

1.     Darci Burch, Neosho

2.     Nathan Hopkins, Marquette

3.     Lizz Jenkins, Parkview

4.     Brenda Terry, Pattonville

5.     Matt Cessna, Belton

6.     Michelle Aubuchon, Ritenour

7.     Pamela Todd, Blue Springs

8.     Gina Callaway, Helias


Radio Speaking

1.     April Brown, Parkview

2.     Max Holste, Jefferson City

3.     Adam Trusty, Iberia

4.     Ryan Famuliner, Blue Springs South

5.     Nicky Kerr, William Chrisman

6.     Chris Cervantes, Windsor (Imperial)

7.     Bryan Quick, Parkway South

8.     Rachel Smith, Lindbergh


Readers Theatre

1.     Willard

2.     Nixa



1.     Alexi Kanago, Rock Bridge

2.     Ashley Williams, Kirksville

3.     Selyna Cole, Parkview

4.     Jeremy Reynolds, Parkway South

5.     Simon Schupp, Fort Osage

6.     Heather Thomas, Warrensburg

7.     Brynn Hammond, Buffalo

8.     Brent Harris, Lee’s Summit

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