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Girls Track and Field Records    
1600-Meter Run


14:40.15Hannah LongEureka2015Class 5
24:44.26Taylor WernerSte. Genevieve2014Class 3
34:45.61Anna Marie WestLafayette (Wildwood) 2016Class 5
44:46.21Hannah LongEureka2014Class 4
54:47.53Megan ThompsonHazelwood Central 1989Class 4
64:47.56Andrea FischerHannibal1981Class 4
74:49.27Jamie Elizabeth KempferFestus2014Class 3
84:51.47Sarah Jane NicholsonLafayette (Wildwood) 2016Class 5
94:51.70Alyssa Nichole AllisonFestus2008Class 3
105:00.93Courtney RogersLutheran (St. Charles)2014Class 2
115:01.09Claire WorkmanNew Covenant Academy2016Class 1
125:01.93Amber WarrenLutheran (St. Charles)2005Class 2
135:03.00Gwen WilliamsPrincipia1992Class 2
145:08.74Alexys BartonLiberal 2016Class 1
155:11.14Darla CurpPolo 1981

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