Rock Port High School

2021-2022 Girls Volleyball Schedule

Last Game
9/28 vs Tarkio with Fairfax   Last Game
Junior High:   n/a

Special Designation Date Opponent Outcome Score Matchup
9/7 Mound City with Craig      Matchup
9/9 at North Nodaway      Matchup
9/13 EA Triangular    Matchup
9/13 North Nodaway      Matchup
9/16 West Nodaway with Nodaway-Holt      Matchup
9/21 at South Holt      Matchup
9/23 Union Star with King City   W   2 - 0  Matchup
9/28 Tarkio with Fairfax      Matchup
10/2 275 Conference JH Tournament    Matchup