1.    Recommend changing item B-4-e of the seeding criteria in the Wrestling Manual to read, “If everything is still equal after having considered all of the above criteria, a vote of the coaches will be taken.” (approved)

2.    Went on record in opposition to the concept of separate championships for private and public schools. (approved)

3.    Recommend an item be placed on the 2008 MSHSAA Annual Questionnaire and Ballot exempting wrestling, like football, if the 2007 petition item for separate championships for the public and nonpublic schools passes. (tabled)

4.    Recommend if the public/nonpublic petition fails that an item be placed on the 2008 MSHSAA Annual Questionnaire and Ballot to change classification in wrestling from four equal classes to placing 28% of the wrestling schools in Class 1, 26 % in Class 2, 24 % in Class 3 and 22% in Class 4. (tabled)

5.    Recommend all wrestling districts should be numerically balanced even if it causes excessive travel. (approved)

6.    Recommend the State Wrestling Tournament change from six sessions to five sessions by combining both Friday sessions into one session. (tabled)

7.    Recommend changing the starting time for wrestling on Friday of the State Tournament from 9:00 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. (tabled)

8.    Recommend changing the starting time for weigh-ins a half hour earlier on the first day of the state tournament. (From 8:30 to 8 a.m. and from 3:30 till 3 p.m.) (approved)

9.    Recommend moving the last possible date for certification to January 31st, from February 7th, and permitting the two pound growth allowance starting on February 1st unless otherwise mandated by NFHS Wrestling Rules. (approved)

(Board action in parentheses)