Volleyball Advisory Committee Summary

Held on November 8, 2018


Recommend submitting to the NFHS three proposed rules changes for the 2019-20 school year regarding clarification on solid and non-solid uniforms, when team rosters are to be presented and modify the rule for the serve for the ball to be contacted within 8 seconds.  Motion passed 8-0.


Recommend modifying the current state association adoption to allow schools the option for sub-varsity level (i.e. junior high, freshman, junior varsity only) dual matches and tournaments to abbreviate the third set, when played, to be completed at 15 points or 25 points.  This modification should be specified in the game contract, the officials’ contract and agreed upon prior to the match and/or tournament.  Motion passed 8-0.


Recommend utilizing the 3/5 format for varsity level dual and triangular matches only beginning with the 2020-21 school year and continue to allow the option to utilize either the 2/3 or 3/5 format for varsity tournaments.  Motion passed 8-0.


*           Recommend surveying volleyball coaches and administrators regarding their interest in rotating the top 2 teams in each district to different districts for post-season assignments.  Motion passed 8-0.


Went on record supporting the proposed classification project.


Went on record supporting the proposed change to the Board Policy on Open Facilities.




*             Denied

**           Tabled

***        Approved as Amended

****     No Action

                All Others Approved