Volleyball Advisory Committee Summary

Held on November 9, 2017

**** 1.  Recommend an item be submitted to the National Federation for the 2018 Volleyball Questionnaire regarding Rule 9-5-7, the Center Line.  (This appeared on the NFHS Questionnaire this year).


2.  Recommend amending Section 1-E of the MSHSAA Volleyball Manual to reduce the full court warm-up for each team from 6 minutes to 5 minutes.  The new warm-up procedure will now be 5 minutes shared ball handling, 5 minutes full court (receiving team) and 5 minutes full court (serving team) plus 1 minute to clear the court for time line-up, National Anthem, etc.


3.   Recommend a change in language in Section 1-G of the MSHSAA Volleyball Manual to allow the 3/5 format, at the varsity level only, for dual and triangular matches.  See new language below.   

                        Missouri schools may utilize the 3/5 format or the 2/3 format for varsity level dual and/or triangular matches only (not in quads or tournaments).  In the 3/5 format, the school to win three sets wins the match and the fifth set, if needed, is played to 15 points rather than 25 points (win by two).  Schools and/or conferences may utilize the 3/5 format for one or more of their varsity dual and/or triangular matches, as agreed upon by both schools and officials in advance.  The format for the match must be clearly specified on the game contract and the officials’ contract prior to the contest.  Lower level contest (junior high, freshman, junior varsity) will continue to be played in the 2/3 format only.  The 2/3 format will continue to be used in the district and state series until a majority of volleyball playing schools support moving the district and state series to the 3/5 format.  3/5 triangular meets may include only varsity level players.  An individual playing multiple levels (i.e. jv and varsity) on the same evening cannot participate in the triangular matches.


4.   Recommend the following language be added to Section 1-K, Junior High Competition, of the MSHSAA Volleyball Manual allowing junior high schools the option to play one ‘extra set’ at the conclusion of the A team match.  Motion passed 6-0.  (Lyons not present for voting).

                        New Section 1-K-2 Extra Set –  At the junior high level it would be permissible for the B team dual matches only to play one set, not a complete match, if there are not enough players with sets remaining as per the individual daily set limits in By-Law 3.25.1b for dual competition.  All NFHS volleyball game playing rules must be followed.  The modification should be specified in the game contract, the officials’ contract and agreed upon by both schools prior to the date of the match.


***5.   Recommend the Officials Advisory Committee discuss adding a drop down box to the officials’ evaluation process that would allow volleyball coaches to evaluate the official based upon the position he/she worked (i.e. R1 or R2) for that match.


*             Denied

**           Tabled

***        Approved as Amended

****     No Action

                All Others Approved