Tennis Advisory Committee Summary and Board Action


­­             1.  Recommend to MSHSAA Board of Directors a revision of doubles line-ups rule to begin 2012-2013.


                Doubles line-ups may be played in any order during the regular season provided: 


A.  The doubles line up is played in doubles rank order of ability.  If the line-up is not used 3 times in a 6-3 format during the regular season, the exceptions in 1 and 2 must then be met during the post season play.



                         1.    Doubles rank orders will be determined by the sum total of the singles rank order value.  Example:  if the #1 and #2 singles play together their sum total is 3 points.  If the #3 and #4 singles play together their sum total is 7 points.  Therefore, #1 and #2 must play at the #1 doubles spot; #3 and #4 must play at the #2 doubles; etc.

                         2.    When the sum total of the teams are the same (example:  #3 and #4 play together and #2 and #5 play together–both teams point value is 7), the team with the highest ranked player must play at the higher doubles position.  Therefore, #2 and #5 would play at the #1 doubles spot; #3 and #4 would play at the #2 doubles spot; etc.


                    TABLED:  Staff tabled until determination of cost of revising the website to accommodate posting each doubles line-up used during the regular season.  Board of Directors tabled this recommendation at the November board meeting


                    PASSED:  Board revisited this recommendation at the January Board of Directors meeting.  After taking into consideration the website settings cost associated with making the change to doubles line-ups the voted to approve the recommendation.


        ***2.  Recommend to MSHSAA Board of Directors a revision to the Substitution

                 Guidelines found in B. Team 2. b. and Note1, pg. 19 of the Tennis Manual.


                    B.  Team

2.  Once team competition starts (team districts, sectionals or state), no substitutions may be made except for injury, illness, or disciplinary actions.  A player who cannot continue must default the match in progress and then has two options:

                            a. Return to competition (e.g.:  return for doubles competition in semifinals or return

                        for finals).  OR

                            b. Call for a substitute, with the understanding that he/she (the injured,

                        ill, or disciplined player) will not be able to return to play until the next

                        team match.  (If a substitution is made, the substitute will complete

                        the team match in progress – team district, sectionals or state.

     Note 1: Substitution in B.2. above must be a direct replacement of the

                  ill, injured or disciplined player.

        * 3.     Recommend to MSHSAA Board of Directors to allow as a ballot item a change to By Law 3.14.

                    Allow individual lessons outside the season, by an approved school coach, during the school year for the sport of tennis.



         *4.    Recommend to MSHSAA Board of Directors a revision to board policy 25, Open Facilities.

                    Allow open facilities at locations not owned by the school or off campus to permit open facilities opportunities for school programs in which the school does not own the needed facility.


          *** 5.    Recommend to MSHSAA Board of Directors to support the use of the ITA Carry-Over Rules and

                      place in the Tennis Manual. (ITA-Intercollegiate Tennis Association)


                    ITA Carry-Over Rules, as found in the USTA Rule Book, with regard to conduct at the conclusion of a match are to be enforced during regular season and post season.


                    Rationale:  The committee members and state championship officials feel that the use of the ITA Carry-Over Rule for unsportsmanlike conduct at the conclusion of a match would more strongly discourage this behavior as the athlete currently feels little can be done.  The carry-over rule would allow an official/coach to code a player and that penalty would carry over to their next match.

                    AMMENDED:  Include the actual language as found in the ITA Carry-Over Rule in the Tennis Manual for beginning 2012-2013.


         6.        Addendum Recommendation to go to January Board of Directors meeting


Recommend to MSHSAA Board of Directors Equal Enrollment breaks are to be used for determining classifications for Boys and Girls Tennis.  For cases of odd numbered schools, Class 1 will be the larger class.


Rationale:  Conference call was placed on January 19, 2012 in order to discuss the tennis advisory committee’s stance on determining classification for boys and girls tennis.  Classifications for tennis has been using the standard enrollment break.  Due to the dissolving of the traditional standard enrollment break all sports have been looking at what is best for determining classifications by sport.  After this conference call of 1 hour and 10 minutes the Tennis Advisory Committee by a vote of 9 yes and 1 no, recommend the following procedure for determining classifications for Tennis to the MSHSAA Board.



     *    Denied

  **    Tabled for further study

***  Approved as amended

          All others approved