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Rushing Yards Per Carry, Game (minimum of 350 yards)

RankSchoolOpponentDate YDSATTTotal
1Rock BridgeHickman9/13/20063931821.83
2Jefferson (Festus)10/5/20184602419.17
3Ft. Zumwalt North9/27/20194042615.54
4Ft. Zumwalt NorthWarrenton9/9/20116414414.57
5South ShelbyScotland County11/3/20104583214.31
6Ft. Zumwalt NorthDuchesne 8/26/20114403114.19
7O'Hara Nevada 11/2/20014053013.50
8Ft. Zumwalt WestFrancis Howell North9/20/20083902913.45
9Crest RidgeSt. Paul Lutheran10/7/19995003813.16

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