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Fewest First Downs

Fewest First Downs Allowed, Game

10St. Louis UniversityEast St. Louis Central Catholic, IL11/2/1947
10St. Louis UniversityChristian Brothers College11/2/1973
10St. Louis UniversityChristian Brothers College11/9/1979
10Bishop LeBlondBraymer9/17/1993
51St. Louis UniversityAlton Marquette, IL10/15/1961
51St. Louis UniversityRitenour 10/27/1961
51VianneyJohn F. Kennedy10/6/1972date?
51VianneyBishop DuBourg11/7/1975date?
51ChillicotheCameron 9/8/1978
51HerculaneumMaplewood-Richmond Hts.9/16/1988
51VianneySt. Mary's (St. Louis)10/21/1994
51Rich Hill Liberal 11/4/1994
51MarionvilleStrafford 9/14/2007
51Central (Cape Girardeau) Poplar Bluff10/8/2010
51Smith-CottonSt. Michael the Archangel9/22/2017
183South Holt Miami11/1/1988

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