Below are some suggestions for schools to begin a Bass Club in your school.


Simple guidelines to follow in forming a Bass Club in your school:


1. School district needs to identify interest in forming a MSHSAA recognized Bass Club within their district. This qualifies their students to fish Open Championships as a team while representing their respective schools. This also paves the way for future MSHSAA sanctioned events.


2. Identify a staff member in your school who would be willing to act as a coach/sponsor for your club.


3. High School Principal, Athletic Director, and Superintendent need to meet with coach/sponsor and prepare a proposal for club recognition and present it to the local school board for approval. Upon approval this links you with MSHSAA for future events.  School district can set up a plan that could help offset expenses for upcoming events while lessening any burden financially for the district.


4. Coach/sponsor can begin planning club meetings. Should start with an informational meeting first for students and parents so expectations can be clear for both. Regularity of meetings can be at your clubs discretion. Probably should meet at least once a month to discuss upcoming events, guest seminars from local Pro's, casting, etc...


5. School Coach/sponsor should solicit help from local bass clubs and area Pro's. Most are more than willing to help. Use local newspapers, facebook, etc.. to advertise formation of the club and the need for local involvement. Brings the community together.