New Official's Soccer Jersey

MSHSAA is excited to announce the adoption of an exclusive MSHSAA Officials Soccer jersey to be used beginning with the 2018-19 school year.  This has been a several year process of gathering information from advisory committees, officials, observers, officials associations and other state associations.  This jersey is uniquely designed and manufactured for MSHSAA Soccer Officials and is the ONLY uniform to be worn starting with the 2018-19 school year.  It is available in both a long and short sleeve version. Associations may inquire, with the MSHSAA Office, about available KITS that can assist officials in determining appropriate jersey size. To access a list of vendors that will be stocking the jersey, visit the MSHSAA website and go to the Soccer page under the Activities tab. An example of the jersey is pictured below.      
Rule 5-1-3a—MSHSAA has adopted the safety green and black vertically striped front with a solid safety green back, jersey.  No other jersey styles that have been previously approved will be recognized as proper attire for MSHSAA soccer officials.  Officials shall be dressed identically.  The MSHSAA patch will be worn on the left sleeve as manufactured (contrary to the jersey example below).   The NFHS patch may (optional) be worn on the right sleeve only.  The American Flag may (optional) be worn on the right sleeve only (must be worn above the NFHS Officials Association patch if both are worn).  A local association patch may (optional) be worn on the left chest only.  For state tournament contests only the MSHSAA patch (and the optional American Flag) shall be worn on the uniform shirt. 
Shirts will be available at the following vendors beginning Monday, May 14, 2018: