Electronic Pre-Participation Physical Evaluation Form
Provided by PRIVIT
PRIVIT has chosen to discontinue the free service for use of the PPE and will now charge $3.00 per student for school usage.  This is a local school decision to continue the use of this service.

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The MSHSAA is excited to offer its member schools this digital alternative, called Privit Profile®, in comparison to the hard copy MSHSAA PPE found on the Sports Medicine page at www.mshsaa.org. Although the hard copy MSHSAA PPE is still valid and may be used to the meet the PPE requirement, the digital alternative through Privit Profile® offers an electronic management system for PPEs making the administration and organization of PPEs a less cumbersome process.

Privit Profile® helps reduce the headaches relative to the collecting and managing of student-athlete health information.

  • Reduce your time and costs associated with printing, distributing, collecting and storing paper forms
  • Easily track the completion progress for the entire process—overall this is a 75% reduction in time to complete a process no one likes to do in the first place
  • Provide your coaches, athletic trainers, and medical personnel a secure and easy to use system for accessing the information they need to react quickly to health situations
  • Make your parents happy with an electronic option that reduces the amount of time and paperwork they need to complete year-over-year

The new digital PPE available through Privit Profile® is at a cost of $3 per student to the member schools of the MSHSAA. Should a member school elect to use any additional digital resources that PRIVIT offers, those additional resources are at the cost of the MSHSAA member school.