Sports Medicine Advisory Committee

The Sports Medicine section of the MSHSAA website contains details on items with medical ramifications for which the MSHSAA has approved specific policies and/or procedures.

All of these items have been recommended by the MSHSAA Sports Medicine Advisory Committee which is made up of physicians and licensed athletic trainers.  You will note that some of the items are identified as "policy" while others are recommendations.  All items included have been developed with the best interest of athletes in mind.  Member schools are urged to know, understand, and use all of the outlined policies and procedures.

Keep in mind there are MSHSAA regulations that have medical implications that do not appear on this web site can be found in the various sections of the MSHSAA HANDBOOK as well as sport manuals.  Athletic directors and coaches should be thoroughly familiar with all such regulations.

There are National rules in several sports which deal with health and safety.  Examples are the football player that must leave the game for at least one play following injury and the wrestler that is prohibited from continuing without a physician's approval if he has been rendered unconscious.  Each coach and game official should be thoroughly familiar with all such rules for their sport.

Acknowledgement:  The MSHSAA would like to thank the Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association for its assistance in providing materials that have been adapted for use by the member schools in Missouri.

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