2024-2025 Troy Junior High Music Activities

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This is the list of all of your currently scheduled Performances for Music Activities. Here is what you need to know about this page:

  • Home Performances appear in bold.
  • Opponent School Name: Clicking on the opponent school name will take you to the competition, where you will be able to edit, postpone, reschedule, cancel, or delete.
  • Scores: Starting on the day of the competition, you will be able to enter the score by clicking on "Add" in the score column. You may edit any score already entered by simply clicking on the score.
  • Pitch Counts: The baseball icon shows the status of the pitch counts for each game. Green indicates that counts have been entered for all levels of play. Orange indicates that pitch counts have been entered, but not for every level of play. Red indicates that no pitch counts have been entered. The icon will be gray for canceled games and games that have yet to occur, since we don't believe you can predict the future, at least in regard to how many pitches will be thrown.
  • Line Ups: The tennis icon will take you to the Line Ups page where you can view and update your Line Ups and also view the Line Ups of your opponent. A green check mark in the singles (SGL) or doubles (DBLS) columns indicate the completion of the line ups.
  • Competition Contracts: This document icon identifies Performances which are part of a Competition Contract with another school. If a contract exists, the icon will be green, and clicking on the icon will take you to that contract. If no contract currently exists and the Performance is in the future, the icon will be gray, and clicking on it will give you the ability to create a contract for it.
  • Officials: The user icon refers to contracted officials. If there are no contracts, the icon will be gray. If there are contracts, the icon color will depend on the status of the contracts. Clicking on the icon will reveal any contracts that have been issued, along with their status.

    Clicking on the user icon at the very top will show and hide all Official Contrats.
  • Level(s): This icon is for the Levels of Play. Clicking on this will reveal details for each level associated with the Performance.

    Clicking on the icon at the very top will show and hide all Levels of Play.
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There are currently no scheduled Performances for the 2024-2025 School Year.

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