Christian Fellowship High School

School Details

School Name: Christian Fellowship High School
Shortened Name: Christian Fellowship Sr.
Bracket Name:
Membership Type: Affiliate Registered
School Type: Private
Customer ID:
DESE Code: 010-814-1050
Board District: #3 Northeast
County: Boone


Organization: High School
Grades Served: 9-12
Genders: Boys and Girls
Boarding School: No
Affiliation: Affiliate Registered
Designation: Normal

Contact information

Mailing Address: 4600 Christian Fellowship Rd
Columbia, MO 65203
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PO Box Address:
Phone: (573) 445-8565
Fax: (573) 445-8564
Lat/Long: 38.954707, -92.40300359


Boys' Nickname: Knights
Boys' Logo:
Girls' Nickname: Knights
Girls' Logo:
School Colors: Black, Red and White
School Color Dark:
School Color Light:
Roster Team Code:
(Cross Country/Track & Field)
Swim Team Code:
Football Conference: None

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School Website:
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