The Missouri State High School Activities Association was formed in 1926 to give direction to amateur interscholastic competition between member schools. One of the functions of the MSHSAA in this area is the registration and training of athletic game officials. Now that you are graduating from high school, in college or already in the working world and have an interest in high school sports, those of us in the MSHSAA family of administrators, coaches and officials hope that you will consider staying involved as an MSHSAA official. Your background as an athlete or sports enthusiast lends much to your potential as an official. Through your participation and interest in sports, you have developed sportsmanship and understanding and respect of the game -- the very qualities we expect of our officials. As a registered official, you will be returning the many values you have learned through sports to the high school athletes of today. This is a great opportunity to stay involved in the sports you love, and you will discover that you tend to get involved with things that are important to you. Give serious thought to becoming an MSHSAA official. The process is easy, inexpensive and fun. You'll be expanding your resume, touching the lives of hundreds of impressionable students and staying involved in high school athletics!

How to Register

To become an official, complete the attached application form and return it to the MSHSAA anytime after June 1. Include a check (payable to the MSHSAA) for $65.00 for the first sport in which you want to be licensed, $30.00 for the second sport, plus $25.00 for every other sport. When your application and check arrive, the MSHSAA will forward a packet of study materials to you. You will then take an open-book exam in your home, return the exam to the MSHSAA, and upon passing, your license will be sent to you.


  • National rulebooks, casebooks and officials manuals
  • MSHSAA Official uniform patch
  • Subscription to the MSHSAA Journal
  • MSHSAA Officials Handbook
  • List of local officials associations
  • List of sport rules meetings
  • Mechanics clinics listings
  • Membership in NFHS Officials Association
  • Subscription to NFHS Officials Quarterly
  • NFHS officials equipment catalog
  • NFHS Officials Association liability insurance
  • Access to MSHSAA video library
  • Service awards for five, 15 and 25 years
  • Hours of camaraderie and the opportunity to shape the lives of young people!


The athletic administrator and coaches at your local high school can be great resources to you in beginning your officiating career. College intramural directors and physical education instructors can also be valuable informational resources. High school athletic directors and coaches hire all of the officials that work their school's home contests. These individuals can share with you the process for hiring officials, pay involved and the key role competent officials play at that level. There are also dozens of active local officials associations in the state of Missouri. You can ask your athletic administrator to arrange a meeting for you with a local association representative. Officials and local officials associations can be invaluable to a young official trying to get started. You might also request from your school's principal or administrator that an MSHSAA official be invited to participate in your school's career day or job fair programs.

MSHSAA Policies

The following MSHSAA policies apply to Missouri interscholastic officials and the officiating of all contests, grades 7-12.

  • High school students are eligible to obtain a license and officiate junior high school (7th or 8th grades) contests, but may not officiate senior high (grades 9-12) games.
  • An official is required to have a valid MSHSAA license to officiate grades 7-12 between member schools in the sports of baseball, basketball, football, soccer, softball, swimming, track volleyball, water polo and wrestling.
  • All officials' licenses expire annually on June 30 and are renewable (by June 1) for one year, subject to approval by the Board of Directors.
  • The required uniform is mandatory for officials working any interscholastic contest between MSHSAA member schools.
  • It is the duty of all officials to report any unsportsmanlike conduct on the part of coaches, players and fans within 48 hours of the incident to the MSHSAA and the the schools involved.
  • Officials are expected to be impartial and competent, and conduct themselves in accordance with the MSHSAA officials code of ethics.

Key Information

  • Persons seeking to become licensed must score 75-percent or above on an open-book exam in the sport(s) for which they intend to officiate.
  • If you fail that exam, you may retake it two times. If you fail again, you must wait until the following year to try again. Failing in one sport does not disqualify you from officiating in another.
  • All officials are required to attend an annual rules interpretation meeting in their sports.
  • All officials must attend a mechanics clinic (if offered) during their first three years of registration for the sports in which they are registered.
  • All officials are required to complete an annual Part II sports rules exam (if offered) in each sport for which they are registered.