Clayton High School

Parkway West Doubles Tournament
Girls Tennis


St. Louis, MO
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Tournament Notes - Site directors will make any final decisions with respect to matches and schedules. - All teams should provide one ball per match. - All coaches must check in with the site director. - Coaches may coach on changeovers or between sets. No coaches on the courts. - Student managers and players will provide no coaching during matches. - Start times will be determined by individual groups. - The matches for the round robin will be 8-game pro-sets, no-add scoring - Semis and Finals, Scoring should be no add for the first two sets. Third set is 10 pt. tie breaker. - For ties, the following will apply ? 2 teams will always be head to head ? More than two teams o Fewest sets lost o Head to head o Total games won divided by total games. o Third set counts as 1-0. o Coin toss. - Substitutions are allowed but should only be used in the event that a player is injured, ill, or unavailable due to unforeseen circumstances. If a player is pulled out for a sub they may not re-enter the tournament. - Default times should be discussed within each group. All coaches should have all contact info for the site director and members of their group. Rainouts will be determined by site and tournament directors. You should show up at your site unless you are contacted with a cancellation. Tournament Director Katelyn McCreary 618-946-4195