Marceline High School

2022-2023 Boys Track and Field Schedule

  • Varsity V Varsity
  • Girls
Special Designation Date Opponent Matchup
3/20 Macon Open    Matchup
3/22 Westran HS Open    Matchup
3/28 Brookfield HS Open #1    Matchup
3/30 Fayette Relays    Matchup
3/30 FHS Relays    Matchup
4/6 Ken Asbury Invitational    Matchup
4/10 South Shelby HS Invitational Track Meet    Matchup
4/13 Westran HS Relays    Matchup
4/18 Marceline Relays    Matchup
4/21 Gary Ewing Invitational    Matchup
4/25 Gerald Mansfield Invitational    Matchup
5/1 Lewis and Clark Conference Meet    Matchup