La Plata High School

2021-2022 Boys Golf Schedule Class 1 District 2

Last Game
5/4 vs Scotland County   Last Game
Varsity:   n/a

Special Designation Date Opponent Outcome Score Matchup
3/29 La Plata Quad with Schuyler Co, Scotland Co, and Cairo   -  Matchup
3/31 La Plata Quad with Canton Westran and Salisbury   -  Matchup
4/5 La Plata Quad with Marceline, Kirksville, Milan   -  Matchup
4/7 Schuyler Varsity Tournament    Matchup
4/13 Marceline Invitational    Matchup
4/14 Brookfield Invitational    Matchup
4/20 at Scotland County      Matchup
4/20 at Scotland County      Matchup
4/21 at Monroe City      Matchup
4/26 Kirksville Tournament    Matchup
 »  5/4 Scotland County      Matchup
 »  5/4 Schuyler County      Matchup
5/4 La Plata Tri w/Scotland Co. & Schuyler Co.    Matchup