2019 MSHSAA Annual Ballot Results





Following are the results of the balloting on the amendments to the MSHSAA Constitution and By-Laws in the 2019 Annual MSHSAA Election. Amendments to By-Laws require a simple majority of those voting for passage, while amendments to the Constitution require a 2/3 majority for passage. Proposals which passed will become effective July 1, 2019, with the exception of Proposal Number 3 which will become effective IMMEDIATELY and Proposals Number 9 and 10 which will become effective JULY 1, 2020.



PROPOSAL 1 - (Application for MSHSAA Membership) - (PASSED) - 383 FOR, 71 AGAINST

Amends Article III, Section 5 of the MSHSAA Constitution by altering the application deadline from May 1 to April 1 for schools to be considered for MSHSAA membership for the following school year.


PROPOSAL 2 - (High School Cooperative Sponsorships) - (PASSED) - 339 FOR, 88 AGAINST

Amends By-Law 1.4.1, High School Cooperative Sponsorships, to establish a new procedure for setting sport-specific and activity-specific enrollment maximums for cooperative sponsorship eligibility, and to allow three schools to co-op in team sports which require a standard line-up of eight or more players.


PROPOSAL 3 - (Duration of Validity for Physical Exams) - (PASSED) - 313 FOR, 141 AGAINST

Amends By-Laws 3.8.1 and 4.5.4, Physical, to allow a physical exam certified by a medical professional (as specified in the by-law) to be valid for a duration of two years (730 days) from date of issue.


PROPOSAL 4 - (Individual Wrestler Limits) - (PASSED) - 148 FOR, 54 AGAINST

Amends By-Law 3.26.1 to reduce the maximum number of wrestling matches that an individual wrestler may participate in during the season, prior to the district tournament, from 50 to 45 matches, excluding forfeits.


PROPOSAL 5 - (Softball – High School Contest Limitations) - (PASSED) - 268 FOR, 107 AGAINST

Amends By-Laws 3.29.6.a.6 and 3.29.6.c.3 by increasing the game limitation for fall and spring softball, respectively, from 14 games to 16 games.


PROPOSAL 6 - (Baseball – High School Contest Limitations) - (PASSED) - 268 FOR, 113 AGAINST

Amends By-Laws 3.29.6.a.1 and 3.29.6.c.1 by increasing the game limitation for fall and spring baseball, respectively, from 14 games to 16 games.

PROPOSAL 7 - (Junior High Speech Contest Limitations) - (FAILED) - 7 FOR, 13 AGAINST

Would have amended By-Law 4.3.3, Season Limits for Speech/Debate/Theatre – Junior High School, by increasing the maximum number of allowable events (meets, festivals and tournaments) that a junior high school may participate in during a school year from five to seven.


PROPOSAL 8 - (Dance Team - Season) - (PASSED) - 152 FOR, 18 AGAINST

Adds a new By-Law 4.5.9, Dance Team – Season, to define the school’s dance season.


PROPOSAL 9 - (Sport and Activity Classification) - (PASSED) - 376 FOR, 51 AGAINST

Amends By-Law 5.1, District and State Tournament Procedures, to restructure the procedures for sport and activity classification for districts and the state series.


PROPOSAL 10 - (Competitive Equity between Public and Non-Public Schools) - (PASSED) - 294 FOR, 133 AGAINST

Amends By-Law 5.1.5, Co-Ed Enrollments, by removing the 1.35 enrollment multiplier that is currently in place for non-public and charter schools, and replaces it with New By-Law 5.1.7, Championship Factor, which re-classifies non-public and charter schools based on a point system connected to advancement in districts and the state series over a six-year period.


PROPOSAL 11 - (Unsportsmanlike Conduct) - (PASSED) - 366 FOR, 88 AGAINST

Amends By-Law 5.5.1, Unsportsmanlike Conduct, by removing the stated fine of $25.00 from the by-law language.


PROPOSAL 12 - (Filing Charges) - (PASSED) - 389 FOR, 65 AGAINST

Amends By-Law 5.5.3, Filing Charges, by removing the $15.00 fee that was required to file charges.