4-1-4 (NEW):  A protective face mask made of hard material may be worn but must be molded to the face with no protrusions. Renumber remaining articles.  RATIONALE:  Creates consistency with other NFHS sports allowing protective equipment to be worn over the face.

7-1-1:  Roster: a) A coach from each team shall submit in writing to the second referee a roster including names and uniform numbers of all players at the timed prematch conference. b) Changes to the rosters may be made until 10 minutes remain on the pregame clock. c) Any teammate designated as a libero in the match may be listed on the roster with two numbers... 

7-1-1 PENALTIES, 2 (NEW):  1) Failure to submit a roster to the second referee at the prematch conference results in an unnecessary delay (administrative yellow card) at the start of the set.  2)  Any corrections made to the roster after 10 minutes remaining on the pregame clock, results in a loss of rally/point awarded to the opponent when the inaccuracy is discovered. 3)  Failure to list on the roster a player/substitute entering the set results in a loss of rally/point being awarded to the opponent.  The player/substitute may enter the set after the roster is corrected.  

9-9-1a (NEW):  Unnecessary delay results in any action by a team or team member that causes a delay in the start or resuming of play within a set.  An unncessary delay includes, but is not limited to:  a)  Failing to submit a roster to the second referee at the pre-match conference;  Re-letter the remaining articles.    RATIONALE:  Eliminates the loss of rally/point penalty for failure to submit the roster at the prematch conference.  An unnecessary delay is the appropriate penalty as the collection of the rosters is done well before 10 minutes remain in the warm-up.  Maintains that a correction made after the 10-minute mark results in a loss of rally/point.

7-1-4a (1) and (2) (NEW):  No later than one minute remaining in the timed interval, or intermission when used, following each set, a coach from each team shall submit a written accurate numeric line up in proper serving order to the second referee.  a) If a team submits its lineup and lists a number that no team member is wearing, the team shall: 1) Legally substitute a player with a legal number into that position.  The team is charged with a substitution. 2) Change the incorrect libero number to the legal libero number (no penalty is assessed).   RATIONALE:  Creates consistency in allowing the correction of a clerical error (listing a number that no team member is wearing) on the lineup for a starting position and the libero position.

12-2-6:  The head coach may stand only in the libero replacement zone to coach his/her players.  During play, the head coach shall be no closer to the court than 6 feet from the sideline.  If a red card is issued for unsporting conduct to the head coach, assistant coach(es) or team bench, the head coach shall remain seated for the remainder of the match except... RATIONALE: Provides an opportunity for an official to warn a coach with a yellow unsporting conduct card without requiring the coach to remain seated for the remainder of the match.

Official Signal #15:  Substitution:  Two short whistles, rotate forearms around each other with closed hands at shoulder height two times.  RATIONALE:  Aligns with current trends in the sport.