Checklist When Hosting/Working a Volleyball Contest


The following suggestions are not new, but if all parties will follow these suggested time-saving procedures, and adhere to them on match nights, concerns about long evening can be alleviated.  If consistenly applied, these suggestions could save up to 45 minutes on an evening with 3 matches scheduled and all matches would go to the maximum number of sets allowed.


  1. Establish clearly defined prematch introduction and National Anthem procedures.  Make sure all parties (coaches and officials) are aware of the procedure so there is little delay in the execution of these items.  This should be done before the day of the contest.  It is suggested an email be sent to the visitng school's athletic director prior to the day of the contest to share with their coaching staff as well as the contest officials secured to work the match.
  2. Secure ball retrievers (i.e. players from other levels or middle school students) to work the contest to chase balls between rallies and during warm-ups for both teams.
  3. Secure and properly train personnel to work at the scorer's table (clock, scorer, libero tracker) to ensure substitutions are conducted timely and all time-outs and intervals between sets are efficiently timed.  Secure and train your line judge working the match.  Have them ready to meet the officials prior to the match.
  4. Provide towels and/or floor mops near scorer's table to wipe the floor when necessary to minimize delays in the match.  Balls are out and available for warm-ups.
  5. Meet the officials upon arrival and escort them to the gym to inspect the court and playing area.
  6. Be in the gym during the match for any problems or concerns that may require your attention.
  7. Be in the gym at the conclusion of the match to get the next match and teams on the floor.  If the last match of the evening, escort the officials off the court and to their changing area.


  1. Arrive in plenty of time to conduct prematch responsibilities.  It is suggested no later than 45 minutes prior to the first match of the evening.
  2. Prior to each match, the R1 holds coin up and whistles head coaches and captains to immediately begin the prematch conference.  Host administration should assist with the process.
  3. Conduct all responsibilities during the match quickly and efficiently to keep the contest moving (i.e. substitutions, time-outs, signaling for serve, table communications, etc.).


  1. Have your teams immediately available to begin warm-up for the next match.
  2. Ensure captains and head coaches are immediately available for the prematch conference and coin toss with the officials.
  3. Have your teams ready for play following the timed warm-up, time-outs or intervals between sets.
  4. Secure and train your line judge working the match.  Have them ready to meet the officials prior to the match.

Prematch Conference:  Note:  When multiple matches are played on the same date, an 18-minute clock shall start as soon as the officials have completed their duties from the previous match.  The officials will conduct the conference in the first 2 minutes of the running clock and will release teams to their warm-up activities at 16 minutes on the clock.  The conference shall be concluded before the 16-minute mark.  The clock will continue without interruption.

  1. Introduction of captains, head coaches and officials.
  2. Officials inquire if all players are properly equipped and uniforms legal.  Request any letters of authorization.
  3. Cover playable area nd any restrictions.
  4. Conduct coin toss.