2023-24 NFHS Volleyball Major Rules Changes


2-1-9 (NEW), 12-2-5: Creates a coaching zone defined by the libero replacement zone extending beyond the end line and sideline extended.  Rationale:  Defines and clarifies the area in which coaches may stand.

4-1-7: Allows small, secured stud or post jewelry to be worn above the chin.  Rationale:  Maintains consistency with current trends of other NFHS and volleyball rules codes.

4-2-4b:  Eliminates the use of uniform numbers with a leading zero (01, 02, 03, etc.) beginning in 2028. Rationale:   Clarifies legal numbers and eliminates confusion when signaling while aligning with other rules codes.

10-2-1:  Allows request for substitution by the head coach to be signaled or verbalized. Rationale:  Creates consistency by allowing either a verbal or non-verbal signal for a substitution. 

12-2-6:  Establishes that one assistant coach may stand within the coaching zone to provide instruction during dead-ball situations only.  Rationale:  Allows an assistant coach to stand and coach during dead-ball situations in addition to the head coach.  The assistant coach that stands may change throughout the match, but only one can stand at a time.

2023-24 NFHS Volleyball Editorial Changes

2-1-1, 2-1-3, 2-1-4, 2-1-5, 2-1-6, 10-2-1


2023-24 NFHS Volleyball Points of Emphasis

1. Using the Lineup Card Effectively

2. Coaches Zone Privileges