Pre-Participation Physical Form Required for Tryouts (Including Virtual Tryouts) for Sideline Cheer and Dance


According to MSHSAA By-Laws 3.8.1 and  4.5.4, schools shall require every student participating in spirit activities (sideline cheer and dance teams) and athletics to present a pre-participation physical form stating that the student is physically able to participate in the first school conditioning practice.  These By-Laws do not allow for any exceptions to this requirement.  It should be noted the physical form is valid for two years (730 days) from the date of issue for the purpose of this rule.

The MSHSAA Pre-Participation Physical form, or something similar, is to be completed prior to the first practice session and should be readily available during all practices and events.  It is suggested that schools make copies of the pre-participation form for all participants in these activities and have the forms on file in the school's central office, in case the original forms are lost during a practice or an out-of-town event.  This will serve as a back-up for school personnel and prevent having the participants and physicians complete the form again.

By-Law 4.5.6 includes tryouts (face-to-face or virtual) as a recognized event for sideline cheer and dance teams.  School administrators and event sponsors should be certain all students involved in either form of tryouts provide a pre-participation physical form stating the individual is physically able to participate in spirit (sideline cheer or dance) activities as required prior to participating in any activities in preparation for tryouts.  NOTE:  Only students who are currently enrolled at the member school may participate in spring tryouts.  Students who may be transferring from another school district into your district for the fall semster are not eligible to participate in spring tryouts.