Information Regarding Spring Tryouts for Sideline Cheer and Dance Teams

The MSHSAA Board of Directors has interpreted By-Law 4.5.4 to include tryouts as a recognized event for sideline cheer and dance teams. School administrators and event sponsors should be certain all students involved in the tryouts, provide a physician's certificate stating that the individual is physically able to participate in sideline cheer or dance activities as required prior to participating in any activities in preparation for tryouts; including practices.  

To reduce confusion, please provide advanced notice of this requirement to interested students to allow sufficient time for physicals to be obtained prior to tryouts and any practices in preparation for tryouts.

In addition, only students who are currently enrolled and attending at the member school may participate in spring tryouts.  Students who may be transferring from another school into your school for the fall semester are not eligible to participate in spring tryouts.