Missouri dance teams are expected to wear costumes that are appropriate for education-based activities and approved by the local school administration for performances and competitions.  It is the school coach(es) responsiblity to be knowledgeable of all NFHS and MSHSAA rules regarding dance and to covey these rules to any company or individual providing a service to the school team (i.e. choreographers, seamstress, prop designers, etc.).

1.  When the participant is standing at attention, no part of the buttocks, breast, or midriff shall be visible.

2.  Midriff is defined in Missouri as 3 inches above the belly button all the way around the body.  Teams may have a cutout or open back costume.  However, if the cut is below the natural waist line in the back the costume is illegal.

3.  Bare skin, nude-colored coverings or any material that gives the illusion of flesh shall not be part of the costume in the midriff area.

4.  Footwear must comply with NFHS Rule 4-1-3.

5.  Participants shall not be permitted to perform/compete in illegal attire.