To follow are the changes to the Scholar Bowl rules, for the last three years, as recommended by the Advisory Committee.


2021-22 Rule Changes

1.   The Scholar Bowl game format for District and State Tournament play, as listed in the Scholar Bowl Manual, was changed to a 22 Toss-ups/22 Bonus (pyramidal question) format, with an altered subject distribution.


2020-21 Rule Changes

1.   There were no rules changes made for this year.


2019-20 Rule Changes

1.   Recognition: Rule modification to add the word “verbally” to the phrase “wait to be verbally recognized” and to amend the phrase “without being buzzed in or recognized, they will…” to further clarify.

2.   Break Before Overtime: Amend the phrase “no more than five (5) minutes” to “no more than 60 seconds”.

3.   Overtime:  Remove the phrase “randomly selected” and amend the phrase “first team to correctly answer three questions” to “first team to correctly answer one question.”  The same change was made in the Advancement procedures.