Interrupt Rule and the Timing of Math Questions

Some confusion has been evident regarding the rule concerning a math calculation question being interrupted versus one that is completed by the moderator.  These rules are listed on pages 5 and 6 of your rulebook.   As you know, the timing rules for math calculation questions differ – teams get 15 seconds to BUZZ in for toss ups or COMPLETE the answer for bonus questions.  In the case of a math calculation question being INTERRUPTED by a team buzzing in, if that team does not answer the question correctly, the moderator will FINISH the rest of the question for the second team and that team will get 15 seconds to answer.  In the case of a math calculation question that is COMPLETED by the moderator, if a team buzzes in immediately and answers incorrectly, the opposing team has FIVE seconds to press the response button, three more seconds to begin a significant answer and seven more seconds to complete it.  The advisory committee provides this coaching tip:  While some teams that may be weaker in math may use this rule strategically, coach your team to CONTINUE working the problem… even if the opposing team buzzes in – don’t let them get distracted.  Continuing to work the problem may allow them to complete their calculation and provide the correct answer upon the rebound.