Guidelines for Bands Performing at Regular Season Basketball Contests

Part of the excitement at many of our interscholastic basketball contests involves the spirited music supplied by a school pep or jazz band.  The performances of the musical groups are enjoyed by all attending the contest.  To ensure full appreciation of the group's performances certain guidelines, indicating when to play, should be followed.  Band directors are reminded that as a courtsey to the teams and sideline cheerleaders of both schools, the performances by the band should be limited to a certain schedule.  The guidelines listed below include an appropriate playing schedule for the band.   

Current social distancing guidelines established by local and/or state health departments should be followed at all times.  

The band may play before the contest begins.  The director should coordinate the schedule so that team members may be announced if desired by the host school.

The band may play at halftime of the contest.

The band may play in-between contests, again, coordinating this schedule so that team members may be announced.

The band may play at the end of the contest, if desired.

The band should not play during time-outs or the break between quarters in order to allow the sideline cheerleaders from both schools the opportunity to lead cheers.  Players and coaches need to be able to communicate with each other during time-outs.

Musical instruments shall not be used as noise makers during the contests.

The band director and his/her performing group should display courtesy and respect to the players, coaches and sideline cheerleaders by playing at specific times.  With good planning and cooperation the school pep band will be an integral part of the excitement and spirit of the contests.