Board Policy:  Heat Acclimatization Guidelines for Marching Band

Heat Acclimatization Period:  For the health and safety of participants in marching band practices, it is recommended that member schools develop and implement a Heat Acclimatization Schedule for marching band camps, practices and/or rehearsals that take place during the summer months when school is not in session or when your band program conducts its marching band camp in preparation for the upcoming school year.

The goal of the Heat Acclimatization Period is to increase exercise heat tolerance and enhance the ability to practice/rehearse safely and effectively in warm and hot conditions.  It is recommended this period begin witht he first day fo marching band practice or rehearsal.

Heat Acclimatization Definition:  Some definition of terms which may be helpful when developing a Heat Acclimatization system are listed below.

a.  A 'day' is defined as a calendar day (12:00 a.m. through 11:59 p.m.)

b.  Rest Period:  A rest period is defined as the time between the end of one practice/rehearsal to the beginning of the next practice/rehearsal, which should last no less than one hour.  During this time, the students should rest in a cool environment, with no physically related marching band or conditioning-related activity permitted (e.g. outdoor rehearsals, or indoor rehearsals in a non-air conditioned facility, with or without instruments).  Examples of approved activities would include, but not limited to: reviewing your band handbook, video, drill charts, etc.

c.  Marching Band Practice:  For purposes of Heat Acclimatization Guidelines a marching band practice/rehearsal is defined as:  Any attempt of a director at a given school to provide instruction in any phase of marching band to any member of the marching band at that school or to have any part of the marching band engage in drills under the supervision of a director or under the approval or direction of the director or marching band staff (paid or voluntary).  Drills for field shows, street/parade marching, sectional rehearsals (with or without instruments/equipment), etc. should be considered practice and addressed in the heat acclimatization schedule.  Auxiliary groups to the marching band (twirlers, poms, flag corps/guard, etc.) should be considered members of the marching band.

Suggested Limits within the Heat Acclimatization Period:

a. Practice Duration:  Each outdoor or non-air conditioned practice/rehearsal should last no more than three hours.  Warm-up, stretching, and cool-down activities are included as part of the three hour practice/rehearsal time.  Regardless of             ambient temperature conditions, all conditioning and/or practice activities must be considered part of practice.

b.  First Five Days:  Only one practice should be held on each of the first five days of the Heat Acclimatization Period.  Further, one indoor practice/rehearsal could be held after a rest period of one or more hours.

c.  Following Five Days:  A maximum of two three hour practices/rehearsals with a minimum of one hour of rest should be provided between the two practices/rehearsals.

d.  Rest Day:  If practice/rehearsal occurs on six consecutive days, participants should be provided one day of complete rest (no conditioning, practices or rehearsals).