Board Policy on Public Criticism (Music Activities)


Statement of Philosophy - The Missouri State High School Activities Association has established policies and standards which will cultivate the ideals of professionalism and conduct.  It shall be the responsibility of each member school to ensure that all individuals directly associated with the interscholastic program conduct themselves in a professional manner.

The music director is a representative of the school at interscholastic music activities.  It is the responsibility of the music director(s) to serve as role models for students and the public.

All school music directors, administrators and student participants are to refrain from negative criticism of MSHSAA member institutions and its adjudicators in statements to the media at all interscholastic events.  Media includes the press as well as social media such as Facebook, SnapChat, Instagram, etc.  The appropriate public response to media questions at all festival venues regarding adjudicating and/or evaluating is "per MSHSAA policy, I am unable to comment."  Any other response is a violation of this board policy and is subject to penalty.

Code of Ethics - A violation of the standards for professional conduct established by MSHSAA could include, but are not limited to:

a.  Making degrading and/or critical remarks about adjudicators or the adjudicating before, during or after an event either on or off site, or through any public means.

b.  Detaining the adjudicator(s) following the event to request explanation of evaluation(s) given by the adjudicator(s).

Actions and Response - Negative actions by an individual directly associated with the program shall be reported to the MSHSAA office by the school and/or by the adjudicator or festival manager.  The school shall document the results of their investigation and actions taken, where necessary and appropriate.  The MSHSAA Board of Directors will determine the appropriate penalties for violation of the board policy.

Commentary - It is within each individual's ability to treat others with dignity and respect.  MSHSAA and its member schools expect each individual to assure the responsibility for their actions.