Lou Mazzocco 2/10/2020

1.  NFHS Rule 6-1-6:  Requires each state association to establish a pitching restriction policy based upon the number of pitches thrown to afford pitchers required rest between pitching appearances

2.  Pitching Restrictions Chart

Year in School

Daily Max (Pitches)

Required Rest (Pitches)

0 Days

1 Day

2 Days

3 Days

4 Days



1 – 30

31 – 45

46 – 60

61 – 75




1 – 30

31 – 45

46 – 60

61 – 75




1 – 20

21 – 35

36 – 50

51 – 65


For all levels in school, no pitcher may pitch more than two (2) consecutive days without at least one day of rest prior to the third pitching appearance.  All rest requirements are still in effect.

3.  State Series Adjustments:  Any pitcher unavailable to pitch in a state series round shall not be eligible to pitch in said round if the contest is rescheduled for a later date.

4.  Recording Procedures

a.  Team schedules are accurately entered and maintained on the MSHSAA website for all levels

b.  Teams will exchange pitch count verification sheets prior to the game.

c.  Both teams shall track pitches and confirm at the conclusion of each ½ inning.

d.  The home team’s pitch count will be the correct count if a dispute is unresolved.

e.  If a pitcher reaches his maximum pitch count, the pitcher is allowed to finish the at-bat for the batter in the box.

f.  Both coaches shall sign the verification sheet at the end of each contest.

g.  Following the game(s), each coach will be required to enter the pitch count for all pitchers at all levels into the member side of the MSHSAA website within 24 hours.

5.  Violations

a.  A $25 fine shall be assessed when a pitch count has not been properly entered or schedule updated in the 24-hour time period following the contest. This fine is a per contest.

***It will be vital that coaches and administrators keep schedules for all levels on the MSHSAA website up-to-date as to not cause unnecessary violations to be recorded***

b.  Using an unavailable pitcher is defined as using a pitcher who has gone over the maximum number of pitches, not taking the required number of days of rest and/or falsifying records to allow a pitcher to not take the required number of days of rest.

c.  PENALTY:  If an unavailable pitcher is used the team shall forfeit the contest on the date of the violation and the head coach will be suspended from the next contest.  Violations will be processed through the Special Report portal on the MSHSAA website.

d.  The only acceptable documentation to mitigate a violation for use of an unavailable pitcher is the official MSHSAA Pitch Count Verification form.  Failure to produce this documentation will result in full implantation of prescribed penalty.