2015 MSHSAA Football Manual


2015 Show-Me Bowl Information Central





List of Schools Committed to Play Football for 2016-17 and 2017-18 cycle

2015 Week by Week Results

2014 Week by Week Results

2013 Week by Week Results



NFHS Responds to Recent Deaths in High School Football

NFHS SMAC Update Regarding the NATA Document: Care of the Spine-Injured Athlete

NATA Statement: Appropriate Care of the Spine-Injured Athlete

2015 Football Rules Changes Release

NFHS Recommendations and Guidelines for Minimizing Head Impact Exposure and Concussion Risk in Football

NFHS News Release: Targeting

NOCSAE Virginia Tech Ratings Release

District Standings



2015 Football Resources

2015 16-Day Acclimatization Period

2015 NFHS Football Rules Interpretations

2015 NFHS Football Rules Changes

2015 NFHS Rules Changes Comments

2015 NFHS Football Points of Emphasis

2015 Football Rules Meeting Announcements

2015 NFHS Official Football Signals

2015 NFHS Football Jersey Rule

2015 NOCSAE Reconditioners

2015 NFHS Instructions for Football Line-To-Gain Crews

2015 NFHS Instructions for Football Clock Operators

NAERA Statement:  After Market Enhancers (March 2013)

NOCSAE Statement: Third Party Helmet Add-On Products and Certification (August 28, 2013)

Riddell Response To Aftermarket Accessories And NOCSAE Certification (August 28, 2013)



** 2015 Semi-Final Football Rotation (2 pages) **

2015 Football Playoff Instructions

2015 Football In-Game Stat Form

2015 Playoff Media Booklet

2015 Official Hotel - Hilton St. Louis at the Ballpark

MSHSAA Guideline for Fan and Spectator Support Items

Guidelines for Bands Performing at Football Playoff Contests

District Semi-Final Admission Sign

District Championship Admission Sign

State Semifinal Admission Sign

State Quarterfinal Admission Sign

No Cell Phone Sign

Official Only Sign

Football Playoff Pass List

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