Lewis and Clark Middle School

2024-2025 Girls Cross Country Schedule

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9/21 vs Fulton Middle   Next Game
9:00 AM:   Junior High

  • Junior High JH Junior High
Special Designation Date Opponent Matchup
9/6 Practice Meet   4:00 pm  Matchup
9/14 46th Annual Linn XC Invitational    Matchup
9/18 MID MO Open @ Oakland Park   4:00 pm  Matchup
9/21 Fulton Middle   9:00 am  Matchup
9/25 Gentry   TBD  Matchup
10/2 Jefferson Middle   TBD  Matchup
10/12 Capital City MS Cross Country Invitational    Matchup
10/15 Thomas Jefferson and Lewis and Clark Dual   4:00 pm  Matchup