Northwest (Hughesville) High School

2021-2022 Girls Volleyball Schedule (Partnering with Pettis County)

Last Game
10/21 at Tipton   Last Game
Junior High:   Cancelled

  • Junior High JH Junior High
Special Designation Date Opponent Outcome Score Matchup
9/14 Smithton      Matchup
9/16 Otterville      Matchup
9/18 Northwest Junior High Volleyball Tournament    Matchup
9/21 Lincoln      Matchup
9/23 Windsor      Matchup
9/28 Green Ridge      Matchup
9/30 at Stover with St. Paul (Stover) Jr.      Matchup
10/5 at Sacred Heart      Matchup
10/12 La Monte      Matchup
10/15-16 JH Kaysinger Conference Tournament    Matchup
10/19 at Cole Camp      Matchup
10/20 at Tipton      Matchup