Oakville High School

2019-2020 Boys Wrestling Schedule Class 4 District 1

Last Game
2/3 vs Christian  
Varsity:   n/a

Date Opponent Outcome Score Matchup
12/5 St. Louis University High School, Windsor High School and Oakville High School   -  
12/7 Fort Zumwalt North Varsity Tournament    
12/7 Hazelwood Central Freshmen Tournament    
12/11 Parkway North, Parkway Central, Normandy and Oakville High School   -  
12/12 McCluer High, DuBourg and Oakville High School   -  
12/14 Parkway West Varsity Tournament    
12/16 Vianney High School, Gateway Science and Oakville High School    
12/21 Brentwood Varsity Tournament    
1/3 Vianney High School JV Tournament    
1/4 Vianney Varsity Tournament    
1/7 University City High, Hazelwood East and Oakville Tri   -  
1/15 Lindbergh, Mehlville, Chaminade and Oakville   -  
1/18 Lindbergh High School JV Tournament    
1/22 Parkway West, McCluer South Berkely and Oakville Tri   -  
1/25 O'Fallon High School Freshmen Tournament    
1/29 Affton, Clayton and Oakville   -  
2/3 Christian