School of the Ozarks High School

2022-2023 Boys Track and Field Team Roster

Full Roster Girls Roster

Bliss, Jonas10
Carswell, John12
Carswell, Joseph10
Howard, Ethan10
Martin, Josiah10
Mutrux, Samuel12
Polk, Graham10
Thompson, Shadrach11
Widner, Caleb11
Caddick, Timothy9
Cerretti, Sawyer9
Davis, Cody12
Hampsch, Isaac9
Healey, Hank10
Mutrux, Oliver9
Porter, Johnathan12
Putman, Tate10
Roberts, Noah10
Saffle, Timothy9
Stanley, Malaki10
Thompson, Nehemiah12
Todd, Isaac9

There are currently no students on this team roster.