School of the Ozarks High School

2023-2024 Music Activities Team Roster

Full Roster

Cobb, Olivia11
Edwards, Laney11
Fitzpatrick, Bridgette11
Hennessee, Grace10
Humphreys, Deacon11
Martin, Kaylee10
Presson, Cora10
Boggs, Ava10
Cerretti, Henry9
Evans, Ayden11
Evans, Krystina10
Fansler, Shiloh9
Fitzpatrick, Aubrey9
Hampsch, Isaac10
Knight, Claire9
Lingner, Melody9
Mason, Sophie9
Polley, Isabella9
Schieffer, Daniel9
Seitz, SaraAnn9
Sparks, Braden9
Thomas, Canaan9
Thompson, Fisher9
Thompson, Shepard9
Sharp, Zion10
Noble, Isabella9
Bliss, Madelyn9
Carswell, Scott11
Flores, Koen10
Howard, Ella10
Kocev, Eva10
Lurvey, Jacob12
Martin, Si11
Nievar, Abie11
Polk, Graham11
Putman, Tate11
Roberts, Noah11
Stanley, Malaki11
Strathman, Katherine10
Widner, Caleb12
Wilhoit, Graham12
Youngblood, Alieah12
Youngblood, Jacob9
King, Casey9
Vogt, Zoe10
Evans, Peyton9

There are currently no students on this team roster.