TWELVE OF THIRTEEN AMENDMENTS PASS                                                                                                                         MAY, 2017



Following are the results of the balloting on the amendments to the MSHSAA Constitution and By-Laws in the 2017 Annual MSHSAA Election.  Amendments to By-Laws require a simple majority of those voting for passage, while amendments to the Constitution require a 2/3 majority for passage.  Proposals which passed will become effective July 1, 2017, with the exception of Proposal Numbers 2 and 6 which will become effective IMMEDIATELY and Proposal Number 10 which will become EFFECTIVE JULY 1, 2018.




PROPOSAL 1 - (Sport and Activity Registration Deadline) - (PASSED) -  407 FOR, 128 AGAINST  (2/3 majority needed for passage)

Amends Article III by requiring member schools and Affiliate Registered Schools to complete their annual registration by May 15.


PROPOSAL 2 - (Concussion Insurance) - (FAILED) - 305 FOR, 230 AGAINST  (2/3 majority needed for passage)

Would have amended Article V, Section 1 of the MSHSAA Constitution by requiring member schools to pay a required per student-athlete charge for Concussion Insurance.


PROPOSAL 3 - (Academic Standards for Eligibility and Student Participation) - (PASSED) - 355 FOR, 135 AGAINST

Amends By-Laws 2.1 and 2.3 by revising the Bona fide Student definition and the Academic Requirements providing greater educational flexibility to students.


PROPOSAL 4 - (Collegiate Recruiting Events and Instructional Events) - (PASSED) - 438 FOR, 97 AGAINST

Amends By-Laws 3.11, 3.13, and 3.14 by reducing the restrictions students have in attendance at Recruiting events and Sport-Specific instructional events that are sponsored by a college or university.


PROPOSAL 5 - (School Coaches Coaching Non-school Competition in Individual Sports During the Season) - (PASSED) - 349 FOR, 163 AGAINST

Amends By-Law 3.13.2, by restricting individual sport school coaches from coaching their athletes in non-school competitions in the same individual sport.


PROPOSAL 6 - (Junior High Summer Contact Days) - (PASSED) - 279 FOR, 35 AGAINST

Amends By-Law 3.15.4 by setting a limit of 20 days of summer contact between junior high school coaches and enrolled students.


PROPOSAL 7 - (Basketball Season Quarter Limitations) - (PASSED) - 472 FOR, 60 AGAINST

Amends By-law 3.21.1 by allowing students to play in no more than the number of quarters for a season that equal SIX times the number of games (exclusive of tournaments) played by the higher team on which he/she plays, rather than the current limit of FIVE times the number of games (exclusive of tournaments).


PROPOSAL 8 - (Placement of By-Law Language regarding Participation in Tournaments) - (PASSED) - 482 FOR, 53 AGAINST

Amends By-Laws 3.19 and 3.21 by moving the language in By-Law 3.21, which was sport specific, to By-Law 3.19 regarding individuals participating in two tournaments during one week.


PROPOSAL 9 - (Football Individual Player Limitations - Quarters Per Week) - (PASSED) - 276 FOR, 102 AGAINST

Amends By-Law 3.23.1 by restricting football players to six quarters per week, and defines a football week for the purpose of tracking quarters as beginning on Friday and ending the following Thursday.


PROPOSAL 10 - (Fall Sport Season – Standardized Dates) - (PASSED) - 338 FOR, 152 AGAINST

Amends By-Law 3.29.2 a and b by moving the high school first allowable practice date and the first allowable contest date for the fall season one week later to the Monday of Week 6 (practice) and the Friday of Week 8 (contests).


PROPOSAL 11 - (Spirit – Dance Contest Limitations) - (PASSED) - 144 FOR, 57 AGAINST

Amends By-Law 4.5.12 by increasing the maximum number of allowable dance competitions in which a school team may participate during the school year from four to five.


PROPOSAL 12 - (Annual Enrollment Collection and Classification Determination) - (PASSED) - 393 FOR, 97 AGAINST

Amends 5.1.5 and 5.1.6 to allow official enrollments to be reported to MSHSAA directly, and to base classification on three grades (freshmen, sophomores, and juniors) rather than four grades (9-12).


PROPOSAL 13 - (Petition Regarding Boys Swimming Classification) - (PASSED) - 291 FOR, 244 AGAINST

Amends By-Law 5.1.4 and adds a new 5.1.15 mandating that schools registered for the sport of boys swimming and diving be split into TWO classes regardless of the number of registered schools.