MAY, 2015



Following are the results of the balloting on the amendments to the MSHSAA Constitution and By-Laws in the 2015 Annual MSHSAA Election.  Amendments to By-Laws require a simple majority of those voting for passage, while amendments to the Constitution require a 2/3 majority for passage.  Proposals which passed will become effective July 1, 2015, with the exception of Proposal Number 3 which shall become EFFECTIVE JULY 1, 2016, and Proposal Number 7 which shall become EFFECTIVE January 1, 2016.




PROPOSAL 1 - (Requirements for Membership) - (PASSED) - 478 FOR, 70 AGAINST  (2/3 majority needed for passage)

Amends Article III, Section 1 of the MSHSAA Constitution to further outline the requirements for accreditation and membership in MSHSAA.


PROPOSAL 2 - (Membership Application, Approval and Training) - (PASSED) - 469 FOR, 79 AGAINST  (2/3 majority needed for passage)

Amends Article III, Section 5 of the MSHSAA Constitution by establishing an application process, a timeline and a training requirement for schools seeking membership in MSHSAA.


PROPOSAL 3 - (Requirements for Affiliate Registered Schools) - (PASSED) - 484 FOR, 64 AGAINST  (2/3 majority needed for passage)

Amends Article III, Section 6, of the MSHSAA Constitution which outlines restrictions for Affiliate Registered Schools to include a requirement for these schools to adhere to the non-school competition restrictions during the school sport season.


PROPOSAL 4 - (Amateur and Award Requirements) - (PASSED) - 500 FOR, 48 AGAINST

Amends By-Laws 3.6.2 and 4.1.8 to increase the merchandise value limit from $100 to $250 for awards that may be received by athletes and activity participants.


PROPOSAL 5 - (Residence and Transfer Requirements) - (PASSED) - 439 FOR, 107 AGAINST

Amends By-Law 3.10.4.e.4, Special Transfers, by restricting transfers under the fourth part of this exception if both parent residences are within the defined geographical attendance district of the receiving school.


PROPOSAL 6 - (Sport Specific Instruction [Camps, Clinics, Lessons] - Same Season/Same Sport) - (PASSED) - 409 FOR, 137 AGAINST

Amends By-Law 3.13.7 to allow a student to attend one camp, clinic or group sport lesson during the school sport season, under certain conditions, without being accompanied by an approved school coach.


PROPOSAL 7 - (Sport Participation and Contact - During the Summer) - (PASSED) - 281 FOR, 213 AGAINST

Amends By-Law 3.15.3 by reducing the number of contact days that are currently allowed per sport, per gender during the summer from 25 to 20.  (Not applicable until summer of 2016.)


PROPOSAL 8 - (Tennis Regulations) - (PASSED) - 171 FOR, 7 AGAINST

Amends the By-Laws by adding new By-Law 3.28 and 3.28.1 to include a definition of a tennis tournament.


PROPOSAL 9 - (Seasons for Sports and Contest Limitations [Senior High]) - (PASSED) - 287 FOR, 32 AGAINST

Amends By-Law 3.28.6 to include a scheduling option for boys and girls golf at the high school level of 13 contests, no more than 5 of which may include more than four schools.


PROPOSAL 10 - (Seasons for Sports and Contest Limitations [Senior High]) - (PASSED) - 383 FOR, 46 AGAINST

Amends By-Law 3.28.6 to include a scheduling option of 20 games and 1 tournament for girls softball at the high school level.


PROPOSAL 11 - (Unsportsmanlike Conduct) - (PASSED) - 349 FOR, 199 AGAINST

Amends By-Law 5.5.1 by adding language to require that any appeal of an ejection take place at the contest site at the time of occurrence, and that the decision made at the contest site is final.