Basketball Uniform Alert for MSHSAA Coaches and Officials


            The 2007 MSHSAA Basketball Rules Meetings began the week of October 8 and will continue through November 1. 

At the meetings there will be discussion regarding legal and illegal basketball uniforms, per NFHS Basketball Rules.  An extensive power point presentation to visually assist with this discussion is also included with the meeting. 

            After the early rules meetings, it is evident there is a problem with numerous schools wearing illegally-styled uniforms.  Therefore, the MSHSAA has developed the following procedure for schools that have a concern on the legality of their varsity basketball uniforms:


1.                  If a school questions the legality of their home or away jerseys, they are to e-mail the MSHSAA with attached pictures of the front, back, and side of each uniform jersey in question requesting an official interpretation.  If the uniform in question is the “Nike Ohio State” style purchased during the 2006-07 school year, pictures are not required.


2.                  The MSHSAA will provide to each requesting school a letter of interpretation and, if the uniform is illegal, an exemption letter for that uniform will be provided to the school.


3.                  If game officials question the legality of a particular varsity uniform, they shall ask to see an exemption letter from the MSHSAA.  If the school cannot produce an exemption letter from the MSHSAA, the officials are to file a special report with the MSHSAA questioning the legality of the uniform.  Officials shall not issue technical fouls for uniform style issues.


4.                  Designated varsity home teams that do not have the required home white jerseys shall be issued the required technical foul penalties.


5.                  In any lower-level or sub-varsity game (junior varsity, sophomore, freshman, or junior high), officials shall not issue a technical foul for uniforms that are illegal based upon design, style, or color.


There have been no recent NFHS Basketball Rules changes regarding uniform design or style, however, Rule 3-4-6-b in the 2007-08 NFHS Basketball Rules Book states that all home teams must wear white jerseys.  The change to only allow white jerseys to be worn as a home uniform has had a four-year notification period that goes into effect beginning with the 2007-08 school year for varsity teams only.


            Any questions regarding this new interpretation should be directed to the MSHSAA.


Uniform Alert PowerPoint Presentation