Wright City High School

2019-2020 Boys Track and Field Schedule Class 3 District 3

Date Opponent Matchup
3/26 North county Christian, Orchard Farm, South Callaway, The Fulton School St. Albans,   -  
4/7 Bowling Green HS Mini Medal Track Meet    
4/16 Blue Knights, Duchesnse, Elsberry, Louisiana, North co Christian, Orhcard Farm, Silex, South Callaway, The Fulton School @ St. Albans, Warrenton, Wellsville, Winfield,   3:30 pm  
4/21 Montgomery County Invitational    
4/21 Orchard Farm JV Track Invitational    
4/23 Orchard Farm Varsity Track Invitational    
4/30 Elsberry, North Co Christian, Orchard Farm, Silex, St. Dominic, St. Charles, Timberland, The fulton school @ St. Albans, Troy High school, Warrenton, Wellsville, Winfield   3:30 pm  
5/16 Districts   3:30 pm