Puxico High School

2023-2024 Girls Softball Schedule

Last Game
5/3 at Doniphan   Last Game
Junior High:   n/a

  • Junior High JH Junior High
  • 8th Grade 8th 8th Grade
  • Season Record: (0-1)
Special Designation Date Opponent Outcome Score Matchup
4/12 Bloomfield Jr.      Matchup
4/15 at Campbell with St. Teresa Jr.      Matchup
4/20 Central (New Madrid County) Middle   L   9 - 22  Matchup
4/20 East Carter JH      Matchup
4/22 at Fisk      Matchup
4/23 Advance with Zalma Jr.      Matchup
4/25 Malden      Matchup
4/26 at Bernie Jr.      Matchup
4/29-5/1 Stoddard County Tournament    Matchup
5/3 at Doniphan      Matchup