Lone Jack High School

2020-2021 Boys Track and Field Schedule (Partnering with Kingsville Jr.)

Last Game
4/12 at Sweet Springs  
Junior High:   n/a
Next Game
4/20 at Lexington  
n/a:   Junior High

  • Junior High JH Junior High
  • Girls
Date Opponent Matchup
3/27 at Butler    
3/31 Midway Junior High Invitational   -  
4/8 at Sherwood    
4/12 at Sweet Springs    
4/14 Midway Junior High Viking Invitational    
4/20 at Lexington    
4/22 Adrian JH Track Meet (April 22nd)    
4/27 Whirlwind Invitational    
5/1 I-70 Conference Meet