Lakeland High School

2021-2022 Boys Basketball Schedule

Last Game
11/22 vs Jasper   Last Game
Junior High:   n/a
Next Game
11/29 vs Leeton with Shawnee   Next Game
n/a:   8th Grade

Special Designation Date Opponent Outcome Score Matchup
11/1 at Sherwood      Matchup
11/2 at Adrian      Matchup
11/9 Osceola with Roscoe      Matchup
11/11 at Liberal      Matchup
11/16 Midway      Matchup
11/18 at Archie      Matchup
11/22 Jasper      Matchup
11/29 Leeton with Shawnee    Matchup
11/30 Drexel   6:30 pm  Matchup
12/2 at Rich Hill   6:30 pm  Matchup
12/2 at Rich Hill Jr High   6:30 pm  Matchup
12/6-10 WEMO JH Basketball Tournament    Matchup
12/6-10 WEMO Tournament    Matchup
12/14 at Appleton City with Hudson Junior   6:30 pm  Matchup