Hurley High School

2023-2024 Boys Basketball Schedule

Last Game
10/10 at Greenwood Jr.   Last Game
8th Grade:   n/a

Special Designation Date Opponent Outcome Score Matchup
9/8 at Billings      Matchup
9/8 at Billings      Matchup
9/11-12 Hurley Basketball Tournament    Matchup
9/18 School of the Ozarks Jr.      Matchup
9/21 at Chadwick Jr. (JH)      Matchup
9/22 New Covenant Academy (JH)      Matchup
9/25 Verona Jr. (JH)      Matchup
9/26 Everton Jr. (JH)      Matchup
9/29 at Niangua Jr.      Matchup
10/3 Exeter (JH)      Matchup
10/3 Exeter      Matchup
10/5 at Shell Knob Jr. (JH)      Matchup
10/6 Wheaton Jr. H. (JH)      Matchup
10/7-14 MTC Tournament    Matchup
10/10 at Greenwood Jr.      Matchup