FOOTBALL OFFICIALS – 7th, 8th and 9th Grade Contests


Purpose:  To permit an educational and training experience for beginning officials in which timely and immediate feedback can be received in regards to position and mechanics during a contest. 




Wireless Communication-Interactive Training Device (CITD):  for purposes of the MSHSAA Wireless Communication-Interactive Training Device, the CITD is defined as a two way radio with an attached earpiece and push to talk microphone.  Other communication devices are prohibited.


CONTEST APPROVAL:  The CITD may only be used at 7th, 8th and 9th grade contests.  Furthermore, trainers and officials may use CITD’s at any school’s practice/inter squad scrimmage in which an official(s) are invited to participate. 



1.      All CITD’s must use a “push to talk” setting/mechanism.

2.      All communication on the CITD must be directly related to the contest using only appropriate/professional language.  Trainers and Officials are mandated to refrain from any inappropriate language, derogatory statements or comments in reference to any player, coach, fan, etc. 

3.      Trainers must ensure that the channel or frequency of the communication devices is operating on DOES NOT interfere with any communication devices of the coaching staffs and/or game administration.  It is the Trainers responsibility to avoid channel or frequency conflicts with any other party.




A.       A CITD may be used to allow communication between ONE game official and ONE trainer (MSHSAA Observer, MSHSAA Rules Interpreter, MSHSAA Mechanics Interpreter, or other MSHSAA approved designee) for 7th, 8th or 9th grade football contest only.


B.      A CITD may be worn by one official per quarter during a contest.  This would permit each official (4-man Crew) to have an opportunity to receive in game critique on position and mechanics from a trainer (as listed above).  This will permit officials to have an improved educational and instructional experience in those areas needing improvement through instant feedback.


C.      A CITD may be used during dead ball periods only.  Refrain from using during a live ball period, or when the snap or free kick is imminent. 


D.     A trainer shall refrain from inserting themselves in judgment calls, on field rulings or penalty enforcement.   A trainer shall make note and discuss any issues related to penalty enforcement, judgment calls, rules interpretations, etc. “after” a contest.



(Approved-April 2016 MSHSAA Board of Directors)