St. Teresa’s Academy || Athletics Department

St. Teresa’s Academy educates young women to think critically, encourages them through Catholic values to love the dear neighbor without distinction, and empowers them to change the world.

The Head Coach works with every student athlete to ensure the health of mind and body, an atmosphere of camaraderie, practice of discipline and personal excellence. This is position reports to the Director of Athletics.

|| Responsibilities ||

Responsible for supervising, advising, coordinating and supporting a staff of Assistant Coaches in conjunction with the Athletic Director.

Responsible for the instruction of the St. Teresa’s Academy student-athletes in the fundamental skills, strategies, and physical training necessary to realize a degree of team and individual success. Consequently, student-athletes will receive instruction that will permit them to meet the goals of the STA Mission Statement.

Has knowledge of Missouri State High School Activities Association and other affiliated league policies and regulations; implements it consistently and interprets them for all staff and student-athletes.

Establishes the fundamental philosophy of his/her program in coordination with the STA Athletic Policy. Develops an articulation program for all levels of the program. Conducts pre and postseason meetings with all student-athletes and coaches.

Plan, schedule, organize, communicate and runs a regular program of practice. Develops an articulation program for all levels of the program. Conducts pre and postseason meetings with all student-athletes and coaches.

Must always be on time, prepared and organized. If unable to attend a meeting, practice or game immediate contact with the Athletic Director must be made. Must always be the first to arrive at practices and games, and the last to leave

Performs other duties on behalf of STA that are consistent with the nature of the position and that may be requested by the Athletic Director.

Communicates effectively and frequently with the Director of Athletics, student athletes, and with parents. Collaborates with other Head Coaches to ensure program consistency in the Athletics Department.

Prepares required reports to the Athletic Director including team performance, attendance, training completed, practice and game schedules, expenses and equipment tracking.

Leads coaches by showing confidence and commitment to training and competition. Demonstrates a commitment to maintaining good physical and mental health, preparing athletes for social engagement, and spirit of respect for fellow athletes.

|| Skills ||

Ability to design game schedules and related logistics.

Preparing and conditioning athletes.

Understanding of rules and regulations governing high school and collegiate sports.

Assessing talent of players to be recruited into sports programs.

Developing and evaluating a budget for all expenses.

|| Qualifications ||

Extensive knowledge of the sport and a minimum of five years interscholastic or collegiate coaching experience.

Candidates must be familiar with the National Federation of State High School Association Volleyball regulations and have completed courses related to volleyball, concussions and first aid.

Holds an appropriate valid emergency certification issued by the Commission on Teacher Credentialing. First Aid or valid sports injury certificate and CPR certification.

Bachelor’s degree.

| Other Requirements and Conditions |

Early morning or evening attendance to sporting events.

Occasional time required for meetings outside normal work hours.

Periodic overnight travel.

|*St. Teresa’s Academy is an Equal Opportunity Employer|*

Applicants may apply here: https://stteresasacademy.org/jobs