Scholar Bowl Advisory Committee - Meeting Summary                                                                                               

Held May 14, 2018


*1.    Recommended that the Board place an item on the 2019 Annual Ballot to amend the first allowable contest date for high school and junior high Scholar Bowl from the Monday of Week Number 14 to the Monday of Week Number 12.


2.    Recommended the following rules changes for the Scholar Bowl rulebook:

a.    Emergencies:  Add language to Section D to allow a game to continue in the event a player has to leave the game room due to unforeseen or unavoidable circumstances, such as illness or family emergency. 

b.    Score Checks:  Pending action on Recommendation #3, correct notations regarding score checks on page 21, under scorekeeper duties.

c.     Visual, Unofficial Score:  Add language to require coaches to agree on keeping an unofficial visual score.

d.    MSHSAA Protest Card at State Tournament:  Remove school from the protest card to allow the protesting school to be anonymous.

e.    Recognition:  Maintain the recognition rule, but remove the penalty for the first responder (buzzer is lit) to answer the question before being recognized.         


 3.    Recommended that the Board approve a three-year trial utilizing the NAQT proposal questions/game format (26 Toss-ups/26 Bonuses) for the district and state series for 2018-19, 2019-20 and 2020-21, which will reduce the price of each round of questions from $230 to $100. 




***Approved as Amended

****No Action

 All Others Approved