Scholar Bowl Advisory Committee - Meeting Summary

Held May 15, 2017


1.    Recommended the following rules changes for the Scholar Bowl rulebook:

       -Updated language in B.3/B.4 to clarify the penalty as a player ejection rather than a team ejection and to note that an ejected player must sit out the next game at the same level (refer to By-Law).

       -Added a cap of time (5 seconds) to confer on a rebound when “prompted” by the moderator (C.2.a).

       -Added language to clarify what constitutes “conferring” (C.1.a)

       -Updated language to clarify what is meant by the next question in J.1.

       -Clarified that other than normal breaks (quarters, halftime) a coach must take a time-out for a score check (F.5, K.1, K.2)

       -Clarified that the game continues when a protest is referred to tournament administration, and language was added to allow a team to request a protest to tournament administration if the ruling of the officials in the room is not unanimous.

       -Changed the way that an overtime game is officially scored and reported, which will now clarify the winner and show the actual score of the overtime questions.

       -Changed the procedure for repeating information when moderator is interrupted on a toss-up; determined that the moderator will continue at the point of interruption.  (C.1.d)


***2.  Recommend that the Board of Directors place an item on the Annual Ballot to alter the contest limitations for High School Scholar Bowl to provide the following three options:  20 duals and 2 Tournaments, 10 duals and 8 Tournaments, or 0 duals and 14 Tournaments.


3.  Recommended that the Board of Directors alter the sectional scholar bowl schedule as follows:  Move from Wednesday to Tuesday of Week 43 in normal years.  When Districts are held early, on Saturday of Week 40 rather than 41 (when there is a holiday on Sunday of Week 42) Sectionals shall be held on Wednesday of Week 42.


****4.    Recommended that the committee further discuss NAQT’s proposal for movement toward a “national format” game, with other coaches at the MACA fall conference (October), and at next year’s Advisory Committee meeting the committee plans to draft a MSHSAA survey regarding game format for all Scholar Bowl schools.




***Approved as Amended

****No Action

All Others Approved